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I have forgotten how silly kittens can be. I will post a picture tomorrow when I am on the other computer, but I have to say: this guy is silly. He looks very much like the first cat we ever had. He’s black and white – I think they call this a “tuxedo” kitten, but he doesn’t actually look like a cat in a tuxedo. He’s more spotted. He’s also not my kitten: he belongs to the resident teenager. When he was just seven weeks old, she took him on a city bus trip across town and spent the night with a girlfriend and all her animals. She’s grounded for that little adventure. Apollo survived and is possibly more mature for the adventure, but I still think it was an “iffy” thing to do with an unvaccinated kitten weaned too early. He was dehydrated and exposed to who-knows-what. Come to think of it, she still hasn’t made that first vet appointment for him. That’s OK: he’s limited to our house right now. But he’s maturing rapidly.

When Apollo came to live with us, he was scarcely seven weeks and unsocialized. He’s now 8 weeks and highly socialized. Granny (me) has been teaching him to bathe and to climb trees. I have also been trying to teach him to NOT chase birds (since I have parakeets). I do a lot of Kitty Sitting. Which is what I am doing as I write this: kitty sitting. I make kitties MEAN. Count that as a Very Big Grin.

I love cats.

We are adding a dog to the dynamics in July. Just got a call from the breeder: our pup has a hernia. We had the option of trading pups and taking one of the bitches or waiting for another litter since this hernia could possibly affect our pup’s ability to reproduce. We weren’t planning on breeding anyway, so the breeder knocked $200 off the price and we still get the pup we wanted, He’ll come home with us in July and wil;l grow up with this kitten.

My parakeets are less-than-thrilled. They probably have reason to be: the kitten was afraid of them last week but this week he’s twitching his tail when they fly. I really have a lot of work to do there.

All these babies remind me of the Real Baby: I am going to be a Grandmother!!! I thought my oldest had that “look” about her, but she didn’t make the announcement until last night. When I showed no surprise, she turned to her husband and said, “Wee, I TOLD you my mom would already know. She probably had a dream or something.”

No dream, but I know that “look”: pregnant women truly “glow.”

I’m excited.

Apollo is worn out. Time to return him to his “mom.” I’ll be such a GREAT Granny!!!


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