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I get writer’s block. I could use that as an excuse for not posting anything, but it really is not true. the truth is: I don’t feel up to par and when I don’t feel well, I don’t communicate. Not even in my personal paper journal. I just want to curl up in a little ball and sleep until I feel better.

It started with the stupid toothache. I was dealing with the pulled tendon in my knee (or is that ligament? Here’s a surprise: I desperately wanted to be a veterinarian when I was a teenager. I have a gift for dealing with sick animals and seeing animal blood does not make me feel ill. Human blood: ‘nother story. Anyway, I thought I would just ace biology like I aced everything else in life, even math – when I tried. But, noooooo. I cannot, even to this day, wrap my brain around the names for anatomical parts. I can draw them, but name them? A ligament is to a tendon is to a muscle: all the same to my brain. I have no clue. This not only distresses my husband, who has a very scientific mind that wraps around Latin and understands genus, species and familia, but gives me something of an edge on him. If I want to irritate him, I just use the wrong anatomical terminology. Like asking my mechanical-minded father to pass the doohickey wrench thingie. Only my dad blows a gasket and says something like, “It’s a damn socket wrench. three quarter inch.”)

As I was saying: I have this very sore knee. It hurts more when I kneel down (which I have to do a lot at my job) and it got downright aggravated climbing over deadfall in the woods on Saturday, despite the handy dandy knee brace thingie I bought.

The toothache was on top of that. And I got that taken care of – for the most part – yesterday. By the way, it was in a bicuspid, number 11. I hate it when I call the dentist’s office and the receptionist asks me, “Which tooth is it in?” “Um….. I think it’s either the eye tooth or the one next to it.”  “Number 11 or or number 6?” I’ve never seen numbers on my teeth, so I have no clue. Which side of the mouth do they start counting from, anyway? And why do they count teeth that aren’t there? My childhood dentist pulled four permanent teeth to make room for other teeth in my mouth. Dentists look in there and count: one, two, three, five. What happened to four? It hasn’t been there since I was 12. Why do we COUNT it then?  I still have to go back for a post-and-core, but the pain is gone and the swelling is nearly gone.

But I now have a minor infection due to the nature of the antibiotics I was taking. A yeast infection. I was taking acidopholus. But did it help??? Noooo. And now I feel crummy, achey, and run down. Nothing a whole lot of cranberry juice and yogurt won’t cure, but for now it leaves me grouchy and tired. And I just want to crawl in bed and sleep until it is all over. Just wish I could.

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