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I could file this under: Can I Kill My Husband Now? Apparently he became an expert on canvas water bags when my back was turned. When we started collecting them he was as baffled by their use as I was but he apparently doesn’t remember that. Whatever. Or maybe I remember events differently than he […]

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Canvas Water Bags

I thought I was too brain dead to think of anything to photograph tonight, much less something to write about. But there I was, standing in the laundry room (folding towels), when my eye was caught by what hangs on the wall in there. We have five of these. All are well-used. We’ve never quite […]

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2011 in review

I stuffed Christmas away in the attic today. I am going to hurt like the dickens tomorrow. The attic is an 8×6′ space with sloped walls. I have to put on knee pads to crawl in and out of there and no one can help me because there isn’t enough room for one person to […]

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